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JaVale McGee’s thorough handling of Andrew Bynum was complete, members of the media began to file into the relatively small postgame press room in the bowels of the Staples Center. They were informed that first to the podium would be victorious Nuggets coach George Karl, whose team had just staved off elimination with 102-99 win over the Lakers. The player from Denver, it was announced, would be McGee. Even after the best game of his career — 21 points and 14 rebounds — in the biggest game of his career, there were laughs.

There was no laughter when Lakers coach Mike Brown took the podium. The entirety of his opening statement (and most of his answers afterward) focused on McGee’s performance and the lack of impact from his guys in the paint. He shied from calling out Bynum by name, but the message was clear: The league’s biggest punchline had used an All-Star center as his punching bag.

The impact began early, with six rebounds in his first eight minutes. McGee consistently made it difficult for Bynum to get the ball deep in the paint. With McGee in the game, the big man wouldn’t score in the Lakers’ half-court offense until the fourth quarter.

There were plenty of highlights, but one play in particular stood out. Up 13, Corey Brewer was short on a shot from the right wing. The ball careered off the front of the iron back toward the free throw line, where McGee used his right hand to reach over Bynum and tap it back to himself. After controlling the handle just to the right of the paint, McGee took two dribbles before throwing it down.

That was the scene throughout — McGee simply outworking Bynum for each ball that either had an equal chance to haul in. The former Washington Wizard would say afterward that his effort was a product of being somewhere he’s never been — “Usually, I’m nowhere near the playoffs” — an answer that confirms a contention often raised by those who have believed in his talent but feared his situation. The JaVale McGee jokes came because he has ability that’s impossible to ignore, no matter how misused it was. Tuesday night was a glimpse of what that talent could be on a team that matters. — Robert Mays

Sartorial Decision of the Night: Rajon Rondo

First we had Nick Young's shirt. Now there's this from Rajon Rondo. Commissioner Stern would have never banned the throwback jerseys if he knew this would be the result.

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For a lot of Hoosiers, the obvious answer can be found in two words: Ron Artest. After winning 61 games in 2003-04 and advancing to the Eastern Conference finals, the Pacers entered the 2004-05 season as the best team in the NBA. All it took to change this was one November game in Detroit, when Artest attacked a fan in the stands after getting hit with a cup of soda and in the process triggered the darkest moment in NBA history, otherwise known as the Malice at the Palace. This single incident essentially made the franchise start over from scratch, since it was clear that the Pacers would have no choice but to wash their hands of their three best players — Artest, Stephen Jackson, and Jermaine O’Neal, who all played prominent roles in the brawl.

After that season, Artest, who had been suspended because of his involvement in the brawl, was traded to the Kings and Reggie Miller, who had been the face of the franchise for almost 20 years, retired. At that same time, the Indianapolis Colts were led by one of the most likable guys in the NFL in Peyton Manning and were on their way to becoming one of the best teams in the league. This meant that many people in central Indiana who had only enough discretionary income to support one local sports team had to pick between an elite team with a likable superstar and a team covered in stench from the brawl and didn’t have its franchise player for the first time in almost two decades. The choice was obvious. Indianapolis, where basketball has always flourished, has been a professional football city ever since.

The Pacers eventually dealt Jackson to the Warriors and traded O’Neal to the Raptors. Since getting rid of those two guys, it’s almost as if the Pacers have made it their focus to never let anything like the brawl with the Pistons happen again, and they figured the easiest way to do that is to fill the team with a bunch of good-but-not-great players so that the locker room won’t be full of egos and the group will be easy for fans to support. The good news is that it’s working. This year’s team, which, with a win against the Magic on Tuesday will claim their first postseason series win since 2005, is very easy to like. They play hard, share the ball, are fundamentally sound, and are led by the most underrated coach in the league in Frank Vogel. In other words, they are everything Hoosiers love to see in their basketball teams.

The bad news, though, is that by playing unselfish basketball and not having a star on their roster, the Pacers have essentially turned into a college team. This seems like it would be a great thing for a basketball-savvy Midwestern city that favors simplicity over flashiness, but the truth is, most people in Indiana don’t want to cheer on another college team. Pro basketball teams are rarely successful in small markets that are within the vicinity of a college basketball blue blood (see: Kansas City Kings, Kentucky Colonels, Charlotte Hornets, Charlotte Bobcats, etc.), and Indiana is rich with college basketball tradition with schools like Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Butler, and Indiana State in 1979. In other words, most Hoosiers already follow a team that plays unselfish, fundamentally sound basketball, and they don’t have any desire to cheer on another. This is why the Pacers need a star. Not necessarily a LeBron, Kobe, or Durant, but they at least need somebody with a little bit of flash to his game.

Then again, there’s a chance that that wouldn’t even be enough. I grew up on the west side of Indianapolis during the Pacers’ heyday, when Reggie Miller led the way with his obnoxious flopping and his deadly 3-point shooting, Rik Smits had one of the best mullets in NBA history, Antonio and Dale Davis were rebounding machines, Chris Mullin showed why he is the best player on the original NBA JAM, Travis Best was ****d by every Pacers fan in existence, and Mark Jackson dropped dimes like a cashier in an earthquake. And even then, despite having two Hall of Famers in Miller and Mullin, the guy with the third-most ***ists in NBA history in Jackson, and reaching the Eastern Conference finals five times from 1994-2000, the Pacers weren’t as big of a deal in central Indiana as they probably should have been. Sure, there were die-hard fans, and sure, all the cool kids in my school owned a Miller jersey and mimicked his jump shot at recess by using the thumb of their offhand to help push the ball. But the fact was that the Pacers still weren’t selling out games all that often because many fans didn’t care until the playoffs rolled around.

This is why I have my doubts as to whether the Pacers will ever be a huge deal in central Indiana. Maybe winning their first NBA ***le will change things. Maybe all it will take is a few consecutive years of deep playoff runs, since even though they weren’t selling out a ton of games at their peak in the '90s, they were at least consistently getting large crowds. Maybe the Colts returning to the NFL cellar and facing a rebuilding process that will likely take at least a half decade will open the door for the Pacers to reclaim the sports throne of Indianapolis. Or maybe they’ll always play second fiddle to the Colts and the state's college basketball teams, and their only hope of putting ****s in seats is to land a star.

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Chipper Jones sits at his locker, shoulders slumped, deep creases under his eyes, looking up wistfully. He's wearing a Braves T-shirt, compression shorts, knee socks, and slip-ons. At that moment, he doesn't look like one of the greatest hitters who ever lived. In a state of half-dress, still in good shape but with a weathered face that betrays his age, he looks like the best player on a 35-and-older fast-pitch softball team.

"You **** to cheat the fans from being able to watch a guy like that pitch, especially in his final years," he says, discussing the knee injury Mariano Rivera just suffered. "Nobody wants everybody's last image of you to be getting carted off or carried off the field."

He's talking about baseball mortality. Rivera's, sure. But mostly his own. Chipper turned 40 on April 24 and his own knees are failing him, and it's eating him up inside. Two years ago, Chipper blew out his left ACL. Now, his knees punish him. They prompted surgery in spring training. Made him miss the first four games of the season. They **** up on plane rides. After two or three games in a row, they give him agony, to the point where some mornings he can barely walk.

This is the burden he bears as the first-place Braves battle to win their first NL East crown in seven years — after winning 14 of 15, with Chipper playing a significant role in 11 of them. The Braves have gotten good power out of Chipper's third-base caddy, Juan Francisco. Several other hitters have also stepped up, propelling Atlanta to the second-highest-scoring offense in the National League. Still, he wants to be out there. Longs to be out there.

Chipper shoves his cup on. He's talking about Albert Pujols's season-long slump, and the worst slump he ever had.

"I might have gone 0-for-25 or something like that. It's a big monkey. And it happens to everybody. At some point in everybody's career they're going to struggle. Albert's made this game look easy for a very long time. But eventually, no matter how you good you are, you're going to have one of these stretches. He's experiencing what us mere mortals have experienced for years."

Funny thing for a player of his stature to say. But Chipper can be at once confident and self-deprecating. He describes what his presence in the lineup means for the confidence of his teammates. In the next breath, he laughs at the notion of being in Pujols's company.

Certainly not now, not when his health is an everyday concern. For himself, for his teammates, for his manager. He knows it, talks freely about it. So does Fredi Gonzalez. "I kind of made a joke out of it the other day," says the Braves skipper. "I get up in the mornin', kiss my wife, get a cup of coffee … and call Chipper on the way in."

Chipper stands up, pulls on his uniform pants. When is it time for a player to quit? he's asked.

It's a thorny question, one that might **** off other players, even end an interview. Chipper doesn't dodge the question. He's thought about it a lot lately.

"It's hard for me to be honest. You're talking about a guy who for 10, 11, 12 years played 155, 160 games a year. It's not really in my DNA to go out there and play 80 or 100 games. But my dad always told me, he said, 'One day you'll wake up and you just won't want to do it anymore.' I had an instance like that right before I blew out my knee [in August 2010]. Bobby [Cox] gave me a couple of days to sit and think about it. Obviously I didn't want to walk out on the club at that particular time of the season, that would have been wrong. But between that episode and when I blew out my knee I got hot. So I enjoyed coming out to the park again. We were winning, playing well. And much like Mo, I don't want everyone's last vision of me to be limping off the field behind third base in Houston. So I used spring training as a motivational tool to get myself ready. And from that point until now, the one thing that's kept me coming to the park every day and being enthusiastic about it is my teammates. We've got a great group of guys here, a great group of young guys that are energetic and they're good players. I think this organization is headed back up, from third, fourth, fifth place to where we were before. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be a part of it."

Chipper sits back down, ties his shoes. A few lockers over, one of those young, energetic teammates is getting ready to take the field. When Jason Heyward first came up two years ago, you'd hear stories of Chipper taking the rookie under his wing, conveying advice to a supernaturally talented player who wouldn't be able to legally drink for four more months.

Heyward says those stories are true. "It's a luxury and a privilege to be able to pick his brain. It's kind of a big-brother role: 'Anything you need, I got it. If not, cool. How do you feel today?' It's not just hitting and fielding and throwing. It's the mental aspect. It's everything."

These are traits that would prove invaluable for a manager, but Chipper has no such plans after his playing career's done. Still, former teammate and current Braves first-base coach Terry Pendleton sees a future coach, at least.

"He can look at swings of other players and show you insight on what they're doing right and wrong," explains Pendleton. "He looks at pitchers and tells you what they're doing, what they're going to do. He has a knack for knowing when things should happen, when they might happen, and why they might happen. He'll let a guy do his thing, do his thing, then finally say, 'Hey, you know if you tried this, this might work better for you than what you're doing.' Me, as a hitting coach, I would sometimes just sit back and listen to him do that. Because as a coach you can tell a player something 20 times, nothing. He says it once, and the player will say, 'hmmm!'"

Chipper pulls on his jersey. As much as sitting out games hurt, his pride takes a bigger hit when he fails in situations where he might have once succeeded. Once a good baserunner and a 15-25 steals guy, he now looks slow in his trademark weird gait, running with his shoulders slightly twisted, one edging ahead of the other. When he struggles at bat he gets even madder.

"I refuse to believe I can't catch up to a heater," he says. "It's just the mind-set of a guy who's hit in the middle of the lineup for 18, 19 years. You gotta hit the fastball to hit in the lineup, and make adjustments on other pitches. But there are times when fundamentally you're not there and the fastball's getting by you where you just say, 'OK, I've just got to fight off the fastball and whenever he throws me an off-speed pitch for a strike, don't miss it.'" That happens a lot more now than it did a decade ago, he admits.

Chipper fiddles with his ****ons. He tells stories about setting up pitchers, about the time he was facing vintage Pedro Martinez when Pedro was with Montreal, took a terrible swing on a changeup early in the game to give him more confidence in his change (as if he needed it), then sat dead changeup on a 3-2 count later on, got one, and launched a grand slam.

The conversation turns to this year's actual results. He can sandbag all he likes, but Chipper's hitting .311/.358/.554, leading the team in slugging and Weighted On Base Average and ranking near the top in several power categories.

He's still making memories, too. He grins, recalls last week's 15-13 barn burner against the Phillies, and what Gonzalez said to him before he came up to bat in the bottom of the 11th. "Hudson has to hit fourth this inning. So ****in' do something." And he did, launching a walk-off two-run jack to cap "the craziest game I ever played in."

Later that weekend, he'll get nearly as fired up after Rockies starter Jamie Moyer accuses him of relaying signs from second base. He claims he's never stolen or relayed signs in his life. Maybe he has, maybe he hasn't. But he's not going to let a 49-year-old lefty get the best of him, or have the last word.

"To be honest with you, every pitch he throws is 78 [mph]," he quips. "So it's not like we really have to relay signs."

He's adding to a surefire Hall of Fame résumé, a first-ballot one at that. A .304/.402/.533 career line, 35th all-time in Wins Above Replacement among position players, one MVP award, and six top-10 finishes, yet he still lacks the fame and acclaim showered on contemporaries like Derek Jeter, despite Chipper's superior numbers.

There's sadness as he counts down the final games of his career, but also acceptance, even optimism.

"I think that I'm really ready to do something else. I've played professional baseball for 23 years, and I've got four boys at home. I've never been on a spring break or summer vacation or anything like that. I never would have envisioned myself playing at 40 when I was 18 years old, but I'm thankful that I'm still able to play and still able to play at a relatively high level. I'll give it all I've got this one final year, then start the next chapter in my life."

Chipper grabs a fresh Braves hat. As he pulls the navy blue brim over his brow, memories of the Chipper Jones who ran roughshod over the league for more than a decade come flooding back. If the Braves falter, he's got just 20 weeks left in his major league career. The signature "A" on his cap staring back at you, it looks more like 20 more years.

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"Tony Esposito had 15 shutouts in his rookie year, and he said the best goalies in the league can win you 7-5 games, and he was right," Sutter said last weekJulien didn't know whether Turco will remain with the club during the playoffs for practice purposes: NHLN, CSWThe season statistic leaders:Boston: Tuukka Rask- 2JWade sat out for the fourth time in nine games due to a nagging ankle injury, but the Heat improved to 12-1 this season without him He also owned a hugely successful steak house in downtown MontrealSince allowing six goals in the first 38 minutes of the season opener against San Jose, Smith has given up a combined six goals in five games against the Sharks, including the three shutouts The Elite Jersey, which is the same as what the players wear on the field, provides a complete shrink wrap fit But you didn't hear much in the way of "let's shake this one off and capitalize on the momentum for Game 2" talk from the Panthers''I looked up and saw CJ wide open when Boozer caught it,'' Wade said''The Bruins signed Krug to a three-year, $2m By the same token, Ivey and Durant can have a nickname ***ociated with the Texas Longhorns as they both played college ball for the University of TexasHeat win finals rematch, top Dallas 106-85MIAMI (AP)A power-play goal by Pavelski just 35 seconds into the third period made it a 4-1 game, and when Avalanche coach Joe Sacco pulled his goalie in desperation with about four minutes left, Clowe's shot from the neutral zone at 16:23 made the final score 5-1 Shaq? - Fan's TakeIf you thought the Shaq vsune blessure en f"Hitchock said the two-day break was a little awkward for a coach3 points on 42

de une bonne vision du jeuThe Sharks, playing in the NHL since 1991-92, are making their 15th NHL playoff appearance, also without a Stanley Cup win Phase 3 -- It lasts four weeks and can include up to 10 days of organized team activity "For us, it's great," Julien saidThe NHL announced Wednesday that Torres was being suspended indefinitely, but even that did little to clear things up Then again, he hasn't played much lately, so this wasn't a total ******* Mavs point guard Jason Kidd played in his 1,308th regular-season game, p***ing Buck Williams for 10th place on the NBA career list He's not perfect And exactly a week ago, the Heat-Thunder matchup was touted as an NBA Finals preview, slighting a Bulls team owning the league's best record He also was a finalist for the league's offensive defenseman awardIn 112 career games, he scored 49 points (20 goals, 29 ***ists) with 92 penalty minutes Through thick and thin, they stayed by us, and I think we're going to be a lot better next year Utah, Phoenix and, in a home-and-home back-to-back, Denver Loss to Oklahoma City ThunderCOMMENTARY | For awhile on Thursday night, it seemed as if the new-look Los Angeles Lakers could compete with the Oklahoma City Thunder - then the third quarter happenedgalement impliquOklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden, Detroit Pistons forward Greg Monroe, Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat, Houston Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry, New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin and Minnesota Timberwolves center Nikola Pekovic are among the candidatesKD' [Kevin Durant] and Kobe [Bryant], they're flat-out scorers," Miami's LeBron James said

The Lakers have 18 games over the next five weeks to complete their business and solidify their place in the standings For now at least, Floyd *****s my top 10 and the Bills have a new weapon opposite Stevie JohnsonRay Rice's expected absence next week shouldn't be alarmingThe Ravens will start their offseason workout program Monday and, as usual, the bigger story will probably be who isn't there, rather than who is "If we take care of the ball, we win the game," Van Gundy said But they're playing great without me He has made saves of 35 and 41 before making 40 more Tuesday night in a 3-1 victory, stopping 130 of the 138 shots faced in this series for a Sessions scored 17 points on 5-for-9 shooting, including a driving two-handed dunk in the third quarter and a key 3-pointer in the fourth, and added six rebounds and six ***ists Oshie had two ***ists in the Blues' first playoff victory since April 12, 2004 against the Sharks "It's important, now, to realize the next game becomes even more importantIn his first full season as GM, Gauthier's Canadiens finished sixth in the East and made the playoffs but were eliminated in seven games by the eventual Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins in the first round The seeds of this spring's current playoff progress were planted when he allowed all of his young players to earn opportunities at key moments in past regular season games Mitchell one-timed it in in, glove side, to destroy the momentum Colorado had built Once it's fixed, it's fixed, it's the most simple surgery you can have and so I'm more concerned about the seasonC Anthony went to school on Ryan Anderson all night We know what's at stake But they could not sustain intensity after that, likely affected by the combination of a back-to-back travel situation and the uncertainty concerning Pietrus's condition"Yeah, it does work in his favor," he said Tuesday's game against Houston will be his first home game since the Laker-game booing

Active Faith also has T-shirts and workout tops, shorts, hoodies and polo shirts, all geared to athletes, workout freaks and weekend warriors Carlos Lee then tapped out on a check swingajouter le patineur originaire de Kirkland"We have a lot of growing to do," said forward Kevin Durant, who scored 25 points And that's one of the reasons he's going to have more cl***room work than he usually does before the players go on the field May 22The Heat survived a 42-point outburst by Carmelo Anthony "We played great and a vision of what must be done Not tomorrow," Backstrom said"Although Isiah-sized at 6-feet, 175 pounds, Smith is simply trying to survive on the fringe as an NBA playerThe chant begins: The chant began during the second period of the Canadiens' shootout loss to Florida on Tuesday nightThe Celts had been up by 10, and they were ahead by two when newcomer Ryan Hollins (the Sixers I thought the injury, fatigue, and everything caught up to us The previous injuries wouldn't necessarily prevent Rose from accomplishing what he must But we haven't been at the level our organization needs to be, which is one of the bestThings were looking good for Miami when James nailed a 3 that made it 83-81 with 49 seconds left in regulation The Sabres racked up a 16-1 shot advantage in less than 13 minutes

Mike Brown's Los Angeles Lakers Playing Better Without Kobe Bryant: Fan ReactionThe Los Angeles Lakers are no longer built to suit Kobe Bryant exclusively"It was the first time they loss consecutive games by double-figures since ***embling the Big Three"This is one of the worst feelings in the regular season I've had this year," James saidCamille Giardina, freshman, Cardinal MooneyTo her credit: The freshman phenom set a school record by filling up the nets for 575 points, which outscored last year's entire Cardinal Mooney team (550) He entered the season with three goals in 13 career playoff games It began with a goofy St Hamilton has staged multiple memorable battles against Dwyane Wade in the past, including helping hound the Heat star into 4-for-16 shooting on Jan But for coaches, we're not into sight-seeing That isn't an excuse, but it is a possible explanationDefensive help like James Wisniewski and Brent Sopel had already been let go, and the signing of mistake-****e Campoli was no helpL' by no later than the middle of the second periodNone of your business, The lesson is look at what we're capable of"Longshot Ish Smith relishes chance as Magic's backup point guardIshmael Smith, "Ish" for short, squirted into the lane as the Washington Wizards converged on him Tuesday night Today is all about doing nothing "As much as they talk about Andrew's post-ups, you've got to talk about Ramon Sessions' middle pick-and-roll "I give up trying to figure these guys out We can get the grit up a bit

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The Blazers have two major openings, and they have started to steps to fill one, general manager"76ers Aren't Better Off If They Miss Playoffs: A Fan's TakeThe Philadelphia 76ers are fighting to remain in the playoff picture and right now are in line to finish seventh or eighth in the Eastern Conference There were other teams that were really going over the line "There's no doubt about it "And it's gotten to have even more value than we probably wanted it to have "It Which was the best?"All 39 of them," said Predators defenseman Kevin Klein The team is searching the dregs of its energy reserves as the regular season nears its final month He said the decision to return will be his 274 percent shooting Suite au match de mardi soir, Cole a inscrit trois buts et une mention dthe Oklahoma City Thunder are the real deal Still without the injured Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin, New York didn't have the firepower to match Miami's Big Three for 48 minutes The only recovery for it the docs told me is rest, and we all know I have none of that240 at Cl*** A Beloit but has three home runs in eight games''I think we played hard,'' Brown said"Wherever they want me," he said

In other injury news, reserve point guard Chris Duhon will have an MRI on his sore foot todayCOLLEGE FOOTBALLBOWLING GREEN, KyThe San Jose Sharks and St He fired his slap shot at a record 108 Gabriel Landeskog helped e****lish possession and O'Brien jumped in from the blue line to one-time O'Reilly's diagonal p*** "This season did not deliver on those expectations The transformation sped up without Lin as a penetrating point guard spreading the wealth''The Nets led by 13 points in the third quarter and were still up seven with under 2 1/2 minutes left, but by then James was almost midway through his finishing kicks take: Can start immediately at left tackle (I don't expect end Calais Campbell, the franchise player, to show but you never knowC a baseball cap, a T-shirt (AP) Hopefully, we'll win so I'll give them a hard time''Rose hit just 1 of 13 shots and sat out the extra period, a brutal night for the reigning MVPre going to see about the Lakers ''That kind of told Pete: 'Let's make a little change"It's always difficult to sit out, definitely in a contract year," West said Let's just hope voters see it the same way

Bang, bangVarlamov was screened on the ensuing goal that doubled San Jose's lead six minutes later He had been waiting for a call after being waived by Golden State on JanCoach Romeo Crennel said that's exactly where the Chiefs are after signing five veterans in free agency 1 pick for the third year in a row''The Bobcats, a league-worst 7-51, are in danger of not reaching double-digit victories in this lockout-shortened 66-game season That's a testament to Thibodeau, but it's an edge that gets negated in the postseason He didn't hire himA with 86 points, but have played a conference-most 78 games"Here are some specific areas Orlando must s**** up with 17 regular-season games remaining: Defensive dynamics: Aside from Howard, the Magic have few players who are good one-on-one defenders" Could have been thatAt FIU, Richard Pitino would replace Basketball Hall of Fame player Isiah Thomas, who was fired April 6 after going 26-65 in three seasons ''That's what these games boil down to, plays like this Los Angeles defenseman Drew Doughty turned the puck over to Marchand and Quick made a toe save on Marchand's 15-foot backhander, but was out of position when Bergeron slammed the rebound into a wide-open net for his 20th goalWith his fifth missed regular-season game Howard set a new personal high for missed games in a seasonDennis Rodman's attorney, Linnea Willis, said in court do***ents that the former Laker is barely capable of paying for his living expenses, let alone the $5,000 he has for one child from another relationship, and the $4,500 monthly payment for spousal and child support to Michelle Rodman Her aunt, Nicole Blair, was a standout for Southeast in the late 1990s

''Bulls fourth sans RoseThe Bulls went 16-7 without Derrick Rose this seasonThe concept is logicalt enough Their opinions might not matter to him, but they matter to me"Bears have sported traditional uniforms for decadesSince George Halas founded the Bears as the Decatur Staleys in 1920, their uniforms have evolved but really haven He was brought in to help spearhead the offense, but he has often disappeared on the ice this season2 seconds left in the fourth quarter Fans will be glued to their seat all three periods However, it seemed like they'd never get a better opportunity than this year to win the Atlantic Division and do some playoff damage, yet that hasn't worked out either 2 Blues""I haven't played in what feels like forever," Toews said But there was quite a buzz in the seats that were occupied Tuesday night The Knicks made 14 of their first 16 shots Nobody expected the Knicks to visit Chicago on the back end of the home and home and come away with a victory"Brandon Jennings led the Bucks with 19 points, while Carlos Delfino added 16 points and eight rebounds So you have to make it really clear Hamilton's other 120 playoff games were all with the Pistons

During the regular season, Thornton averaged 1:03 minutes of penalty-kill time per game, lowest among the team's top six forwards other than Ryane Clowe The Chicago Blackhawks won it the season before He may make some turnovers, he may take some bad shots, he may botch some defensive ***ignmentsThe Celtics (34-24), who won their fourth straight, hold the fourth spot in the conference with their Atlantic Division lead"Anthony has seen Smith rise from the dead before, when they were teammates in Denveradaptation du num"This is something we wanted to put a little bit of money into, a little effort and have some fun," Colledge said 1 Eastern Conference playoff seed, now three games behind the Bulls in the loss columnJ But he played some of his best hockey in the final weeks when San Jose made a late rush to reach the playoffs17 goals per gameHe talked about Pavel Datsyuk ("extremely skilled"), Henrik Zetterberg ("always plays hard"), Johan Franzen ("great shooter"), Valtteri Filppula ("has been amazing"), Jiri Hudler ("has played well") "It's a mind-set we have to change," he said Defenseman Kimmo Timonen joins Bryzgalov on the Flyers' injured list, as well Goaltender Tim Thomas recorded his sixth career playoff shutout in his 17 save effort for the BruinsAs you recall, Managing Partner Robert Sarver extended Stoudemire a five-year, $100 million contract offer but would guarantee only half of the fourth year and one quarter of the final year, basing the rest on how many games and minutes he was able to play "When [No

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Predators center Mike Fisher swiped a puck out of the crease just before it crossed the goal line, after Filppula deflected a shot past Rinne in the first period We've got to come back, get the second win, and then we start over Had he been unable to go, presumably Shaw's suspension would have been even longer If the Nashville Predators were to lose Anders Lindback in a trade this summer, they might be looking The Clippers closed within four three times, the last time on a 10-3 run including four in a row by Griffin, TNT)April 18: at New Jersey Nets (22-39, 7:30 p seven year now Burns elbowed the back of Scott Nichol's head and Galiardi charged McDonald with such force that the Blues forward was showing off his *****ed helmet after the game''Blues coach Ken Hitch**** loved the effort in his team's first playoff game since 2009, except for the final sequence By facilitating the offense, making clutch shots, and ***isting the Hornets to a large lead in the third quarter, Jack's point guard play resulted in great games by Marco Belinelli and Carl Landry In the six seasons since the 2004-05 season was eliminated by a work stoppage, the No Bryant scored 11 points on 3-for-21 shooting, including 1 of 8 from beyond the arc It looks like the Knicks still will be playing ball in late April, and Carmelo Anthony and J "It's just you can't come back on every single team, especially on the road"As the 3-point bombs fell in the first half, with the Knicks making 14 of 21 and building a 72-53 lead, the Garden was at its loudest all season He said he didn't believe in five-year plans""When things get really tough and physical," said St It was also good that Molson said the Habs will go through "a long process of evaluating all the potential candidates," with hockey leadership ability the most important qualification

I want to have momentum going into the playoffs"We are desperate to get a win," guard Matt Carroll said The Quebec Nordiques did it from 1989-91 and went on to win the Stanley Cup five years later after moving to Denver and becoming the Colorado Avalanche"With six games left in the regular season after Tuesday night's tilt against the Tampa Bay Lightning, not much time is left for Horton attempt a comeback I'm getting treatment twice a dayC his right eye blackened after being struck with a puck in Game 6 of the series The media has always been trusted with the responsibility of setting the narrative and with it, crafting history3 seconds left but then made just one of two free throws when the Heat had an opportunity to take a four-point lead with 11"Isn't that amazing? It really is"Notes: Clowe missed much of the second period after being hit in the head by a slap shot from Burns"I'm a basketball fan, and Kevin Garnett has always been one of my favorite players to watch growing up, and even since I've been in the league," Jefferson said San Jose, which now has 88 points, will be seeking its fourth straight win Wednesday night at Anaheim It didn't work out that way as the Canadiens pulled off a ******* "He'll win one, one day "I have a problem with the way we played The lack of youth and discrepancy in bench talent and athleticism between the Lakers and the other great teams in the NBA is too large If everything goes well in that practice, it's a possibilityThe Sabres have earned a day off after completing a winning weekend Sa****ay night

There was no word on its nature or severity, or his availability for the Penguins' game against New Jersey tonight at Consol Energy Center Atlanta pulled within four percentage points of Indiana, which lost 113-111 to Phoenix, for fifth place in the Eastern Conference35 "Everything forward is good for me"Honestly, is that a great rule to live by, or what? Across the first 24 minutes of what became a 118-110 Knicks victory over the Celtics last night, Smith took nine 3-point shots and made seven of them "I didn't know what to expect, how my knee was going to hold up, or if it was going to last the entire year "When he relaxed and settled and played, he was very good"Kobe took some great shots," Lakers coach Mike Brown saidcom report that he's "dismayed" the Bulls haven't given him a contract extension as Carmelo Anthony said the other morning in Chicago Anderson's concerns about Bargnani never materialized "It is one of the great sports brands in the history of the world5 percent shootingBut Roloson seemed to take it in stride after the game "That"I don't know what was bench-worthy about the shot, to be honest with you," said Bynum, who is now one for four on three-pointers this seasonDON'T PRINT THATJack Morris spent parts of the past 10 seasons doing superb radio ****ysis for Twins games The Quebec Nordiques did it from 1989-91 and went on to win the Stanley Cup five years later after moving to Denver and becoming the Colorado Avalanche

"We want to get better every night00"Van Gundy admitted he doesn't want to harp on the miscues so much that it make players tentativeLosing Fisher could come back to haunt the LakersHoward missed his fourth straight game with a back injury Sunday against the Cavaliers Differentpairings were used, shifts were shortened, he tweaked his systemDallas improved to just 2-19 this season when trailing entering the fourth quarterNHL Playoffs: Beware the Dreaded 1-8 MatchupThe first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs has been notable for its memorable upsetsMoll fancies himself a chef, Colledge said, so dinners often were held at his houseLos Angeles had 15 shots on net in the first period, but didn't get another one until the 11:26 mark of the second, when Thomas turned aside Brown's 35-foot slap *****nd this also is why the news and reality of his untimely death at the age of 68 had just left me speechless Even Rich Peverley's Game 3 goal came during a stretch of four-on-four when he was skating alongside KellyC they will play their third game in three nights when they take on the Detroit Pistons on Monday night at Verizon Center You can't guess Louis Blues scored three power play goals in Monday night's 4-3 victory that gives them a 2-1 edge over San Jose in their first-round playoff series"The Mavericks have those same hopes and prayers for West, who is very comfortable playing either of the two backcourt positions Then again, it's doubtful many of the fans at the game tonight were inspired to run out and get their playoff tickets A flip of picks with Jersey for Larsson doesn

Several players need to come up big if the team is going to complete the sweep I know when he wants to take that shot, when he feels he's going to make that shot and he felt he was going to make that shot"We've gone throughout the entire season in a lot of games being outshot," said Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner, who logged a team-high 23 minutes 1 second of ice time in Game 1 We're still going under the same premise that it's still about changing players' behavior618 from the floor, making 34 of their 55 shotsTV, radio: Root Sports, WXDX-FM (105 As part of their deal, the Bruins told Krug he could report directly to the big club instead of Providence Following the initial splash of the tweeted team photo, Wade and James commented about the case in interviews and offered support for the deceased boy"The biggest thing is that I've got a job to do for the next five games and I'll certainly do my best with our group," Cunneyworth said "We played to our potential in the third gameKarlsson's defensive game is legit enough that it puts his all-around game at a Norris level when combined with his immense offensive outputBishop wasn't terribly effective, either, turning aside 17 of 20 shots before leaving the game in the middle of the second period with an apparent leg injury There's no real risk here at allJ That's what you wanted I thought it was just a step below of where we like it to be it was quickly foiled as Weber scored 36 seconds later

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James finished with 30 points on 11 of 24 shooting to go along with six rebounds and five ***ists You get too close and he goes right by you The Heat couldn't stop either one of them In that time, the Bruins went 5-1-0 Then, he invited Keith for an in-person hearing in New York, meaning he reserved the right to suspend him more than five gamesLos Angeles: Simon Gagne (concussion), Scott P**** (hip)"I'm not ruling Kelly out BLUES 3, SHARKS 0ST480 FG%, And it doesn't appear he will be attempting that comeback soon "It doesn't necessarily make things easy, but at least some affirmation is accessible

Peverley scored an empty-netter to become the team's 10th player with 10 or more goals ''But now everybody is aware it could happen, so we better get a win"So, [Wednesday], it's about getting back to work and having a training camp-like practiceThe concept is logical "It hurts," Spoelstra said"4Dirk Nowitzki banked in a 15-foot jumper over Hedo Turkoglu with 5Finally, A He scored 24 points (11 goals, 13 ***ists) to earn second-team All-Central Collegiate Hockey Association honors The other team had 66 games to put themselves into w****ver position they put themselves into Former Canadiens ***istant GM Julien BriseBois, now with Tampa Bay, broadcaster and former NHL coach Pierre McGuire and former Colorado GM Francois Giguere among others mentioned"Korver went 5-for-6 from 3-point land as the Bulls shot 50 percent overall from beyond the arc

Clearly, there's not a lot of time for reminiscing over last year's ***le run right nowAfter borrowing $35 from his brother to buy equipment, Bouchard began playing for the Verdun Maple Leafs of Quebec's old Provincial Senior League''That was huge,'' Carkner said What is interesting is that Rose did not mention LeBron James"But first, the Nuggets play tonight at the Staples Center''I was really upset, especially with our starters,'' Van Gundy said of his team's effortBoston made its presence felt early with some big hits, and defenseman Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg made a point of knocking around Ovechkin to try to knock him off his game That's how much all of us thought of himWinnik sniped home his shot from the left wing circle, seconds after Andrew Desjardins sprung San Jose's attack out of the Boston end, disrupting a shot attempt off left wing by Tyler Seguin We had a couple breakdowns (Monday) night, and they capitalizedThe Habs fired coach Jacques Martin in December; the Leafs fired coach Ron Wilson in March But he's a guy who rarely misses a practice or a shootaround

Monday night, the Sharks need to be playoff-savvyThe Celtics [team stats] weren That was after I wrote my preview of the game with the Portland Trail Blazers, where I mentioned the people who dress in Seattle attire and disrespect the Thunder team The year before, it happened with PortlandWhile Los Angeles is currently hot, which Boston Bruins team will show up for this contest? Will it be the one that dominates its opponents or the one that cannot find the net regardless of how many shots are taken? Lets hope for the first one"Larry Drew echoed Joe's concerns while naming a name: "Early, I know Jeff Teague seemed very p***ive"They made shots and when a team is making shots you have to tighten up a little tighter," Drew said"We turned out to be, probably, one of the better teams in the state," Mack recalled of the Mountaineers Louis, who p***ed it ahead to StamkosC a throwback to the wide-open days of the early '90s or the '80s But Orlando already would lose a tiebreaker against Atlanta and Boston

But Woodson vowed he will make the pair work and Stoudemire will resume his starting power forward slot"For me, coming from overseas, I'm used to that," Mahinmi saidThe Heat, winners of 12 straight over teams currently with losing records, have won nine in a row over the Nets (22-39) since a 96-88 loss March 20, 2009 However, Anaheim came out on fire and took the first two games in San Jose before closing out Joe Thornton and the favored Sharks in six gamesWashington (84 points) did not play Monday, but received some help from Ottawa with its win at Winnipeg Now they're looking up at Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles in the Pacific Division raceC would find and accept a gig in Milano, coaching American football in an Italian league?You kidding me, Joe was in heaven the last three months, living in the country his parents were born, eating the food he grew up eating, drinking the wine he loved to drink, immersing himself in the culture and, and on top of all that, my gosh he was coaching football again Gainey and Gauthier are longtime friends ''They just didn't bring anything to the gameTampa Bay Lightning enters the matchup having won their last three games and with a 35-33-7 record Without Kobe the team plays at another level as a team and their opponents are at a loss when it comes to drawing up a game plan to stop the Kobe-less Lakers "When you have the whole puzzle together, it kind of makes sense

Hall returned after seven games on the shelf, but was reported at times to be nursing the shoulder"I just want guys to be accountable for what they do on and off the floor," he saidAndy McDonald's speed created ****e on the second goal for Berglund, who was waiting in the slot The good part is I can get better We're pleased with his progress But Alzner said if Holtby was a revelation to the Bruins, he isn't a surprise to the Capitals For now, win this series and then come what may "Some of our practices were better than our games," Lach recalled in Dick Irvin Jr He takes hard shots"Hitchock said the two-day break was a little awkward for a coachKevin "Money" Durant"Money" as a nickname denotes Kevin Durant's status as the highest paid player on the team

Green finished with 11 points and five rebounds, one of six San Antonio players in double figures"Boozer may leave something to be desired on the defensive end, but his defensive rebound will be vital in the playoffs C Evgeni Malkin has 11 goals in 17 games against Atlantic Division opponentsAfter going 1 for 11 on the power play in the first three games, the Rangers scored twice with the man advantage in the first period"If only the Bobcats starters had remained in the game She is the only female from Manatee County selected to Florida Association of Basketball Coaches (FACA) All-Star game Pittsburgh was the highest scoring team in the League (282 goals) and they still have a lot of pride, despite what their faces looked like on the bench Friday night"We did a good job eliminating his comfortable shots," Anderson said Turns out to be damage to his labrum, with major surgery needed to repair itre going forward with our rotation," he said The 72 points was just 13 points less than their entire total Sunday in a discouraging 93-85 loss to Miami, when the club seemed genuinely worried the offense was over reliant on AnthonyTim Thomas, last season's playoff MVP, made 29 saves and ignored the taunting from fans who held up photos of President Barack Obama, reminding Boston's goalie that he turned down a trip to the White House in January with his teammates

He made big saves at key times and kept it close for us The Penguins are 2-6 in their past eight regular-season visits and have been defeated in four of their past five5 seconds left in regulation, the Hawks returned home Sunday with some momentum and a series tied at 1-1"For the Mavericks, that magical run toward trying to repeat as NBA champions could start with a huge breakout victory over the Heat Hudler hit a goal post in the third Chimera received a five-minute major for charging and a game misconduct, ending his night early They were within eight with 3? minutes left, but Dirk Nowitzki hit a jumper, Scola missed inside and Scola was called for an offensive foul The details of how "Three Fat Guys" is as murky as squeezed grapes7 percent shooting from the field and 45-39 edge on the boards, and everyone from Tim Duncan (game-high 16 rebounds) to Danny Green and Tiago Forget the Alamo: Utah Jazz lose in San Antonio after poor first halfThe Easter Bunny would've had a hard time hauling around the huge egg the Utah Jazz laid in the first half Sunday at the AT&T Center It's great getting all the way up to third, but we still have to keep going and working hard every night The team has declined this season relative to the rest of the league in those statistical categories We didn't forecheck as much as we normally do

Thomas made two tough stops on Dan Boyle in the second period before the Bruins nearly got the equalizer when Milan Lucic's deflection of a p*** from David Krejci got past Niemi but hit off the crossbar Stars, Conference Semifinals, 1999-2000The Sharks once again fell behind early to the Stars, but this time two years later and in the Conference Semifinals (That included Marino, by the way, who wore a Panthers jersey, called the scene "cool," and praised GM Dale Tallon for being a terrific hockey guy and a fantastic golfer The Habs won a record 24 Stanley Cups up to its last one in 1993Duncan Keith elbowed Daniel Sedin in the face Wednesday nightThe game ended with sticks and gloves all over the ice as St But as I have also written, I am completely giddy about Ramon Sessions and his career 45% shooting average That's the way he is, and sometimes that's the way you've got to beToronto made 20-of-34 shots (59 percent) in the first half on the way to a 53-39"The only thing that matters is that we're all healthy," Howard said Brooks is practically family With that lineup playing together for the first time this season, the results were disastrous, with the Heat opening the second period 1 for 7 from the field with four turnovers

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But then in the third, things fell apart a bit"LAKERS NOTEBOOK: Bryant will sit out Wednesday night against San AntonioSAN ANTONIO - Kobe Bryant eased off the training table at one end of the recreation center gym Tuesday, limped past a group of reporters, said a few "W***ups," and walked outside to talk to a couple of die-hard Lakers fans waiting for autographsGrizzlies-Lakers PreviewAfter being ****n out in Los Angeles in their last contest, the Grizzlies hope for a better effort at Staples Center on Sunday night when they try to avoid being swept on their four-game trek by snapping a three-game skid against the LakersBurke, who once held Shanahan's job, said his team was barely able to use Orr - he appeared in just five of Toronto's 39 games - because hardly anyone wanted to fight him"It's obviously very nice to get that recognition and a ceremony," Chara said, "but when that ceremony is over, you have to focus on the game and you've just got to be ready"Rip showed flashes before he got hurt for why he is perfect for D-Rose," Scott saidR I can't sit here and criticize the decisionGame 3 of the best-of-seven series is Monday night in Ottawa, followed by Game 4 on Wednesday nightSharks vs I will be happy to play against (the Lakers)

Records: The Grizzlies are 26-21 and sit in sixth place in the Western Conference playoff standings"It'll be fun to see what we can do against that team," Lakers Coach Mike Brown said So all of the noise that points to mediocrity is replaced by what a Stanley Cup winning pedigree entails The Dallas Mavericks' guard suffered the injury during a Feb Emotions probably got the best of me a little bit for 10 secondsBy the way, ex-Twins Bert Blyleven, Rod Carew, Paul Molitor and Dave Winfield are among 65 living hall of famers Did I get that right?"The Mavs, who host the Houston Rockets at 7:30 tonight, could use West headed into the stretch run of the regular season He allowed both of those guys to make playsAs the Canadiens struggled this season, the house of cards began to fall with the firing of ***istant coach Perry Pearn, and then the ousting of head coach Jacques Martin on Dec''The Hawks exploited Howard's absence in the middle from the opening tip, driving the ball into the heart of the Magic's defense at will in the early going They made their case to stick around Simply put, it's because he is Teemu Selanne

''The outsiders are always trying to find a story line or reason or excuse,'' captain David Backes said while keeping Colorado outside the qualifying eight In 2009, Dumervil was moved to outside linebacker, but that didn't stop him from getting to the quarterback, as he became the first Bronco in team history to lead the league in sacks with 17"It's no use coming back now and (risk) getting hit in the head"I love Montreal," he said "It is what it is Another comparable is Minnesota defenseman Jared SpurgeonBylsma said that, as of the end of the game, he has no reason to believe that Letang or Malkin has an injury that would have a lasting impact "?Some of the ones where we were just careless, I don't like those turnovers"Lamar Odom says Mavs fans' booing is "confusing, hurtful"Mavericks forward Lamar Odom drew the most reporters after Monday's practice80 Was it Josh throwing away the inbound p*** just before halftime, leading to Uzoh's score right after DeMar DeRozan had flipped in an uncontested jumper? Or maybe it was Josh taking a seat and Joe failing to check in, leaving the Hawks with four players on the floor as play started?I'm going with those two Pargo air***** in the fourth quarter because, if you can't even count on Pargo Time, what else is there?I'm thinking Dwane Casey played a good amount of zone with the hope that the Hawks, especially Josh, would settle for Js

Brandon Knight scored 18 points for the Pistons, who have lost five of six Coach Claude Julien admitted after the game that if the Bruins had lost the talk of the evening would have been a power play that failed to convert on a four-minute man advantage and a 4-on-3"I haven't been up to Carey's new place yet," Gorges said with a wicked grin, "but I know where it is Different cases, different cir***stances, but some comparisons I'm 100 percent ''It's rare when you get another chance to play a team that just beat you Louis Blues in their first-round series"He's going to get up under center, scan the field and he knows what you're doing," Fisher said''Duncan and Parker started but went to the bench late in the first quarter after San Antonio scored 14 straight points to take a comfortable lead"The fans are no doubt excited to watch the matchups down to the end, but we can be a little bit happy with this one," Sabres goalie Ryan Miller said Brisebois holds the same position with the Tampa Bay Lightning and used to work for the Canadiens

He said he was ready to go in six months, but that it still took him another three months to really re-adjustIn his NHL playoff debut two years ago, Niemi gave up a soft third-period goal that opened the floodgates in a 4-1 loss to Nashville to start the postseason As he goes, so go the Lakers These fans really want a team to come to Seattle that they can support once again Why wouldn't we want to play this type of basketballJ"The Wings host the Predators in Game 4 at 7:30 p the same surge Mike D'Antoni's Knicks had in February during Linsanity Jason Smith scored 22 points, hitting 10 of 12 shots, to lead the Hornets to a victory over the Kings I understandest certain

However, injuries forced Bouchard to miss the last half of the season (34 games) and the playoffsAnd Logan Couture's goal with 16 Coaching is always about leading players and not allowing them to run free like kids at recess"I can't imagine what it's like for who's with him," Rivers saidThursday, April 12: at Boston 1, Washington 0Three Stars: C Chris Kelly, G Braden Holtby, G Tim ThomasSa****ay, April 14: Washington 2, at Boston 1Three Stars: C Marcus Johansson, D Karl Alzner, LW Benoit PouliotWestern Conference Quarterfinals Series FGame 3: #2 St Her father, who grew up in Colombia, was a soccer player, and her mother was a dancer He takes hard shotsRose missed his ninth straight game because of a right groin injury, but the Bulls improved to 14-5 without the defending league MVP ''It's rare when you get another chance to play a team that just beat you But Phoenix has played one more game than the Sharks, Stars and Kings "Again, guys are conscious of it He returned on that line against the Ducks

"It's like putting a puzzle together," he said this week The breakaway came after Canucks defenseman Dan Hamhuis fell while trying to field a back p*** from partner Kevin Bieksa at the Los Angeles blue line""All year we haven't been in a game together, and we're learning how each other plays,"he said The Blues canceled practice, giving the players a day off the iceObviously, times have changed The Kings have one of the top goalies in the league in Jonathan Quick and if they can get enough scoring from Mike Richards, Jeff Carter and Anze Kopitar, they have a chance to bring down the President's Trophy (most points in regular season) winner Robinson would like to play in the WNBA, but says if it doesn't work out she wants to be a businesswomanC and that's because coach Paul MacLean tends to put him out at the end of a PK so the Sens can go back on the attack They gave it to him again and he ran it 70 yards for a touchdown, so he got that 50 yards on the first play"We are back on track," said Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin, who had two ***istsFisher played point guard for the Lakers for more than 12? seasons in his 16-year career

9 position in the Eastern Conference with just a handful of games remaining in the regular season"We've played 50 games, so it's important that I start to get into a comfortable flowThis was a true fantasy Wednesday night"They're allowing me to go out and get a rhythm, and with eight or nine games left in the regular season they know we still have a lot of basketball left, so it's allowing me to get my groove back They have lost seven of their last 10 games overall with two of the wins coming by shootout in the regular season How could that possibly be?As I said then, nine years ago, I'll say again today of Joseph Avezzano, born 68 years ago, NovBut Gauthier did good work in 2010-11 in picking up defensive help when star rearguard Andrei Markov missed all but seven games with injuries and he pulled off a coup last summer in signing winger Erik Cole, who was the team's best player this season Season ticket holders get free admissionIf the Celtics, who lead the Sixers by a game in the Atlantic, win their division, Boston will avoid the Heat in the first round of the playoffs "They were better than us pretty much all over the ice Don't be surprised to see him out there on the Sharks' first penalty kill Thursday"All of that is true

After going more than eight years between playoff victories, the second-seeded Blues have now put together back-to-back postseason wins More than anything, we've got to get him healthy first, and then it will lighten Marion's load defensively Ryan Anderson shot 2 for 10 and had seven points - less than half his season average - in his second game back after missing three with a sprained ankle "It's a mind-set we have to change," he said00C the knee's strong, everything's good, I don't have to worry about it or concern myself with playing hesitant or be scared that something was going to happen He has gotten the most out of his veterans and now with Kobe in need of some down-time he has this team playing exactly the way he wants"New Jersey's Martin Brodeur, one of the best puckhandling goalies in NHL history, knows the feeling Corvo became the odd man out partly because of his so-so defensive play, and also because the Bruins wanted another left-shot defenseman in the mix 27 trade deadlineThe Celtics dropped a game in Toronto on Friday night with a bad second half and they were not about to let it happen on Sa****ay"We were in there just talking about it and watching the video,

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We got out of character a bit of the way we've been playing lately The Heat moved to an 83-81 lead with 49Wade totaled 55 points in those games and has averaged 31 "You know you're going to miss some good looks once in a while, but it's still frustrating The type of goon Scott portrays is a dying breed He'd set career-best high-water marks in goals (12), ***ists (22) and points total (34)"Other than that, we really struggled tonight They missed air***** and they fell right to me323 hitter in his ninth season, is hitting C It could have gone either way He just wants to play

But that's what has happenedThey then got a power-play chance when Rostislav Klesla was called for high-sticking with 4:05 remaining but couldn't convert on that either as Smith appeared to get just enough of a shot by Marty Havlat to preserve the tie But when Thornton is on the ice during opposing power plays, he and his stick take up the most ****e and cause some visible double-clutching by the other team's skatersSetoguchi missed time because of a knee injury McQuaid, who went into the boards in an awkward position, remained on the ice for several minutes and skated off slowly with an escort2 rating on FSOK, a 138 percent improvement over last season He's a good candidate to not even dress Thursday night and be a healthy scratch, at least from the looks of things at Wednesday's practice "They pull you out of position, and it's harder to recover They're all alone in first place in the Atlantic Division for the first time all season, and that's with Ray Allen missing the last five games with a sore right ankle final 27 points2 million this season, stands to earn a significant raise, perhaps in the $6 million to $8 million rangeTIP-INSThe Thunder had only film session Thursday, but several players were seen doing individual work on the practice courts afterward

J"KG 6-0 against former team as Celtics top WolvesMINNEAPOLIS (AP)?Nous avons vu beaucoup de jeunes joueurs faire des pas de geants dans la bonne direction ?, a lance l'entra?neur-chef des Canadiens Randy Cunneyworth au sujet des Louis Leblanc, Ryan White, Mike Blunden, Frederic St-Denis et autre'' 9)When Orlando ran a pick-and-roll involving anybody except Dwight Howard, the Knicks defenders involved in the pick-and-roll typically switched their defensive ***ignments on the fly The Bulls and Heat meet one more time at Miami on April 19It marked the team's first goal in 95 minutes, 13 seconds and the first offensive support for Elliott in 158 minutes, 22 secondsAs the Thunder prepares to face Chicago for the first and only time before what just might crystallize into this year's NBA Finals matchup, Oklahoma City finally finds its All-Star point guard garnering as much, if not more, praise than the Bulls' reigning MVP, Derrick Rose "They were better than us pretty much all over the iceHe is joined by Dennis Johnson, who totaled 675 blocks

That's got to be our mindset When he came to Indianapolis, he was immediately well-liked Trailing 3 games to 2, the Bruins rallied to score a 5-4 victory in Game 6 on a late goal by Marco Sturm to force a seventh game in Montreal, but the Bruins dropped a 5-0 decision in the series finale But if the Rangers and Bruins start struggling, things could get very intriging1 BLK, 1 They asked Erik Pears to bulk up with strength to meet the prototype in order to win the starting job at right tackle Defenceman Theo Peckham (concussion) did not skate His workout gear is in honor of Trayvon Martin, the teenager who was shot and killed in February in Sanford, Fla The Canucks, who are without Daniel Sedin (concussion), will host Colorado on Wednesday nightLeBron James scored 30 points, but he missed the first of two free throws that could've all but sealed the game for the Heat (40-17) with 11 seconds left in regulationfensiveS

Kloos is committed to the Gophers, but he isn't sure whether he'll play at Minnesota next fall or choose junior hockey "We had a lot of players on the top lines looking sluggishThis was a Norris Trophy winner injuring an Art Ross Trophy winner, apparently retaliating for an earlier incident, amid the fierce Blackhawks-Canucks rivalry, just as we're entering the most emotional time of the hockey year"Sources: LeBron James hurts fingerLeBron James injured the ring finger on his left hand during Miami's 105-90 loss at Indiana on Monday, according to league sourcesThey were 5-3 on the road against current winners over the season's first two months, but since the All-Star break they have gone into a 1-7 death spiral away from home"To describe Rose as injury-****e in his career is unfair because he has been relatively injury-free until this season"The Blues took their first lead in the third period on Berglund's second goal, and Hitch**** thought the team was at its best in the first overtime "And it happened to be toward the end of the game"Smith, who has mentored Arenas for more than a decade now, said he speaks with Arenas about twice a weekOttawa Senators at New York Rangers Quarters Game 1: Fan Playoff PreviewThere are two truths when it comes to New York Rangers hockey--a team mentality and accountability Jonathan Quick dominated Kings goaltending with a record of 35-21-13, a goals against average of 1''I was really upset, especially with our starters,'' Van Gundy said of his team's effort

You have to be able to make playsThe Thunder beat the Blazers 111-107 in overtime at the Rose Garden on Feb The NBA also declined to make Senior Vice President of Scheduling and Game Operations Matt Winick available, but did note issues of building availability, eased travel for Western Conference teams and the condensed schedule It doesn't matter who falls at the end The Sharks, clinging to the hope of picking off one of the last playoff berths in the West, looked far more like a playoff contender than the Bruins, who fell into their familiar pattern of giving up the night's first goal and never playing with a lead That the Heat set a season high for points in the paint in the second night of a difficult back-to-back was a positive sign that the team is gearing up for the playoffs with only 16 games remaining until the postseason"Said Jagr: "I don't think I saw in my hockey career somebody that good defensively at a young age, and he showed it the first 10 games he played in the season "I think it's a large indicator of our less-than-normal energy level," Battier said"[ Also: Philadelphia's Claude Giroux racks up six points in frenetic game ]It might seem funny to praise someone's defense after an 8-5 gameSharks vs But Turco isn't eligible for the playoffs because he was signed after the Feb He's been in the playoffs before

"The odds on who'll represent Canadiens at NHL Draft Lottery: Pick 'emMONTREAL - It's a long ***le for a short-run reality series: Who Wants to Represent the Montreal Canadiens at the Draft Lottery?Alternatively: So You Think You Can Run a Hockey Team?On April 10, the National Hockey League will conduct a lottery to determine who picks where at the 2012 draft in Pittsburgh on June 22-23" Anthony and Iman Shumpert each scored 25 points for the Knicks (26-25), who won for the eighth time in nine games despite playing without the injured Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin Since then, his postseason record hasn't been nearly as impressiveMeanwhile, a Jazz (29-28) team that Now he has hired Randy Carlyle, his Cup coach in Anaheim, who shares his hard-hockey philosophy"The Sharks have the edge over the Avalanche, who have played two extra games "He's very mature for his age We're in a spot where we can win a game and keep going ''That way we could really get that sour taste out of our mouth That included the "unacceptable" loss (Spoelstra's term) in Boston on April Fool's Day "I'm sick and tired of people trying to take cheap shots at me

No question, they're a tougher team and a better team with him You just deal with it Coming off an 8-0 trouncing of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday, March 19, they fall short against the San Jose Sharks 2-1 a few days laterC Tambellini"Four years now At 31-18, the Magic own the third-best record in the Eastern Conference and the fifth-best record in the NBASundiata Gaines missed a three-pointer on the ensuing possession Louis Blues 3-2 in double overtime Thursday nightRealistically, these teams aren't going to run the table down the stretch "Every time he hits somebody it's a penalty?Blues throttle Sharks top scorers to take 2-1 leadSAN JOSE, CalifThen, forward D ''You prepare every game like you're going to play, it's not like I was nonchalant before the game

Green growthGerald Green, a former Celtics' first-round pick, found himself out of the NBA soon after he was traded to the Timberwolves in 2007 in the Kevin Garnett dealve been at any point this season Instead, when the Marlins formally unveil their new ballpark Wednesday in their regular-season opener, the Heat will be hosting the Oklahoma City Thunder three miles to the east6 per cent "The Out of what originally looked like nowhere on TV (because the camera was focusing tightly on McQuaid at the time), Chimera hit McQuaid pretty hard and sent him to the ice They wouldn't have made the shots, I wouldn't have had the triple-double0 points, 10The South African completed a 3-under 69 in the rain-delayed third round, then closed with a 68 for a three-stroke victory over Scotland's Stephen GallacherWhen Tom Chorske was named the 1985 Mr"They need what Vrbata gave the Coyotes on his first night back after missing five of the previous seven games because of an allergic reaction to penicillinon their biggest run in 8 1/2 years

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The Canadiens have five games left: A back-to-back at Madison Square Garden and in Washington on Friday and Sa****ay; another back-to-back Jason Kidd had a mistake, a turnover that led to a running layup by Dragic to tie it at 55, before he quickly redeemed himself with a 3-pointer that put the Mavs ahead to stayVery familiar theme: The Sharks' top six forwards don't get a lot of open ice against St"The Wolves have a new face of the franchise in Love, who has put together a monster March Naturally, this makes the Sharks a nonfavorite "If we play every team as hard as we did the Celtics, the sky is the limit The previous injuries wouldn't necessarily prevent Rose from accomplishing what he must But Thunder center Serge Ibaka scored immediately after a timeout to push the Thunder's lead by to 10 pointsRondo added 15 ***ists, Brandon B*** had 18 points and Pierce 17 points for Boston, which limited New Jersey to 34 second-half points in beating the Nets for the third time in three games this seasonHer most impressive stat was her team-leading 7Or even just a half-dozen The Lakers and Clippers are battling for the regular-season championship of their division

"A 4-1 game, nine minutes left -- I just had to make sure everything's good, and it is," he saidGame 3 is Sunday night in Los AngelesNowitzki jumper leads Mavericks past Magic, 100-98ORLANDO, Fla"But you have to do what's best for the team," Murray said"It was a nasty, junked-up game, and we won," said RiversMiami had a chance to pull within two games of the East's top spot Thursday, but instead fell four games behind conference-leading Chicago after losing the lead late in regulation and falling to the Bulls 96-86 in overtime Oh, and the overall program is voluntary It makes life for us forwards so much easier they remain one of the leagueThe Dane received a scare Monday when he was struck in the mouth by a puck"Asked if he thought Rose would play, Thibodeau held firm (AP) - Alex Oriakhi, a 6-foot-9 power forward who played the past three seasons at Connecticut, is transferring to Missouri

"And with teams dropping two or three spots in one day, the Mavs don't believe anything is a lock at this pointSunday's mid-afternoon spring contest in Philadelphia is the type of game that hockey fans spend every winter month waiting forThe inability of the Sharks to survive two minutes of short-handed play re-emerged as a major concern after the St a team photo unlike any ever taken It should help make his caseArmed with Ferkle's ****ysis and the input of orthopedic surgeon Dr One of the coolest traditions in my opinion is "The Horn Guy" I'm offering services that are available whenever they need them"Not helping the Hawks on Sunday night were the absences of two of their best playersCoyotes goalie Mike Smith stopped two shots without his stick during a power play in the third period, but Chicago defenseman Brent Seabrook put a rebound past him with 14 Paul Pierce scored 18 points while Kevin Garnett added 13 points and 10 rebounds for Boston, which is fourth in the East, and three games ahead of New York and Philadelphia atop the Atlantic ''Do it nine more times and it won't go in

m3 yards per reception last season, catching 28 p***es for 820 yards Nous l'avons mute a l'aile par moment, mais je crois que ca limite sa creativite et son talent ?, a avoue Cunneyworth a propos du Danois de 22 ans qui a noirci la feuille de pointage lors des deux derniers matchs On the winner, Washington won a faceoff in the Boston zone and Marcus Johansson got the puck from behind the net That timetable would put Curry back on the court for April 12 against Dallas or April 14 at the Los Angeles Clippers Growing up together, going to high school, the same cl***room, dreaming about the NBA I'm putting my extra work inm"The next game the Mavs are taking serious is, well, Houston A team comes back late in the game, forces overtime, and you never know what happens

You know, the guy who left Hofstra as the school's all-time leading scorerC a 106-101 loss at Sacramento on FebLos Angeles enters the matchup having won their last six games and with a 37-25-12 record Typically, players are held out of games for six months"I did not try to hit him at all," Shaw said Time after time, they just they couldn't capitalize on good chances Even with 93 points on the season, they are still not in at this point and 2-1 series edge for St"Heat center Ronny Turiaf also made the tennis scene San Jose, which now has 88 points, will be seeking its fourth straight win Wednesday night at AnaheimCThe Hawks are in the playoffs for the fifth consecutive seasonWhat Wednesday can do is make it clear that playoff opponents had better find a way to win at home, because they're not winning at AmericanAirlines Arena

We can get the grit up a bit He'd set career-best high-water marks in goals (12), ***ists (22) and points total (34) 27 The seventh game went to overtime where Alex Burrows connected on a slap shot that allowed the Canucks to escape One more and he wins the first war I always say I like the challenge and everything that goes with it 8 seed has beaten the NoStoudemire, who is from the Orlando area, said that he hoped something positive could come from the tragedy that has caused a firestorm nationally That role now belongs to another former GM and Canadiens Hall of Famer, Serge Savard, who ran the Habs from 1983-1995 ?C'est important de se rappeler ce sentiment; se souvenir de ce que ca fait de jouer les six derniers matchs de la saison par fierte au lieu de se battre pour une place Nine skaters and goalie Marty Turco hit the ice for a brief session neither was close

James Johnson started for Toronto despite missing the morning shootaround with flu-like symptoms A contract dispute ended his time in Denver in 1979 and Alzado wrapped up his career as a Raider Our offense doesn't change "You win, you're remembered (AP) Tim Duncan scored 13 points in his shortest night of work this season, Tiago Splitter added 15 points and eight rebounds and the San Antonio Spurs beat the Golden State Warriors 120-99 on Monday night to move into the top spot in the Western Conference 4 scorer on the team ''You look at this pick and you look at the number of top five picks - and certainly No"It's an honor to even be in the talks and involved with those names," he said (AP) before NHLers played in the Olympics STThe Knicks and Celtics had already played three close games this year, with Boston taking two

"Defenseman Douglas Murray desperately wanted to be on the ice Thursday night against Phoenix"It's going to be a fun game The two spent some time together during the offseason, talking once face-to-face for 90 minutes For the practice squad guys and the last four or five guys on the roster, they don't have an opportunity anymore to work with somebody on their own This shows every indication of being a long seriesThen, forward DSerge "Sarge" IbakaSerge Ibaka hails from Spain and is one of the key role players on the Thunder His average penalty-kill time of 1:55 per game was second among Buffalo forwards to captain Jason Pominville's 2:13 As a bonus, Couturier earned an ***istC pulling him in the third period against the rival Bruins, putting him in a taxi and sending him back to the team hotel, even though the Habs had checked outThe Whitney-Vrbata connection tallied again at 8:17 of the third period"I was looking at Adam I saw that he was kind of not quite responding well," said Bruins captain Zdeno Chara, who had words with Chimera outside the penalty box

Sedin was a Hart Trophy finalist last season It shot 52 Only a basketball fool would say the Heat still aren't dangerousC the puck's going the other way," said the scout, who declined to be identified because he was talking about a player from another team Jerry, it's time to change the beginning of your last name from "Stack" to "Brick" per instructions from the Commodores "We were playing a lot on the outside''It's very significant,'' Canadiens ***istant GM Larry Carriere said of his team's pick"Said Tallon, the GM: "Winning makes you relevantAtlanta shot 50 percent from the field (40 for 79), including 14 3-pointers The seventh game went to overtime where Alex Burrows connected on a slap shot that allowed the Canucks to escape Some players like to stay where they are in the offseason and work out with their personal trainers''Teague agreed that it was good to face Toronto again while the sting of Sunday's defeat was still fresh

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The Raptors haven't beaten the Heat since a 111-103 victory Jan He should stay a Knick next seasonStill, Hall said he isn't going to change his on-the-edge approach to the game"Perkins said there was no need to mention his concerns to teammates after the loss inside Chesapeake Energy Arena"It's not just that they're better, Stoudemire makes them viableC the knee's strong, everything's good, I don't have to worry about it or concern myself with playing hesitant or be scared that something was going to happen "But that's what these next four games are Miami's 3 with NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan after his five-minute major penalty and ejection for colliding with Coyotes goalie Mike Smith behind his net in the second periodIt has been a crazy ride"Jason Richardson denied being out It makes it easier for the team

C Two weeks before the playoffs began, Nashville Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne stood in the visitors' dressing room at Joe Louis Arena, sizing up his likely first-round opponent, the Detroit Red Wings''It was a great feeling,'' Havlat saidRose likely won't play all weekThe Angola native who grew up with Sabres jerseys on his wall has no desire to put another team's sweater on his back "Every team goes though it, whether it's the beginning of the year, middle, you never want it to be at the end," he said At the same time, Julien decided Peverley would not be replacing Brian Rolston, who has been occupying the ex-Thrasher's usual spot on the No Mentally and physically, I need a break The one thing he gets to do is experience the level of compe***ion here at the NHL #41 CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia TechThe ball-hawking cornerback that the Bills will hope teams with Aaron Williams for the forseeable futureCEven with the Canadiens eliminated from a playoff berth, Gorges continued to get in the way of the puck Louis 2Three Stars: C Patrik Berglund, RW Martin Havlat, D Dan BoyleWestern Conference Quarterfinals Series GGame 2: #6 Chicago Blackhawks at #3 Phoenix Coyotes, 10:00 p

Smith served as the Magic's community-relations director, then left for Golden State to become director of basketball operationsai vraiment pas vu quThen it was 4-3 Things can change dramatically in the switch from game to gameSmith said he and Novak battle in 3-point shooting contests during practice However, Holmgren added, he wasn't scheduled to start that game anyway"Mavericks notes: Nothing up Cuban's sleeve for Miami tripDALLAS -- Mark Cuban says he has never watched any of the 2006 NBA Finals series against Miami, and should highlights of that crushing disappointment pop up on the highlight shows he turns away But to do so, they needed two points, and that was a hill too steep to climb against the Capitals, who are struggling just to get into the postseason party at all"They are physically strong, they battle for their ice, and we can do a better job with that," McLellan said of the Blues While not exactly nipping at the heels of the leaders Louis continue to be as dangerous as any They kiss, and everyone loves it

The following year, he was named a Member of the Order of Canada "for his contributions to sports, particularly professional hockey, and for his commitment to his communitySan Antonio (40-14) shot 50"That's probably the worst game I've had since I've been here, since I've been playing," Davis said I was able to get back out there and still play,"Anthony said after last night's game But Boston was pretty good at controlling the puck from the drop because of Patrice Bergeron's sheer skill at winning faceoffs 8, 2010, after Gainey stepped down"The topic will inevitably come up over the next couple days, as Fisher returns to Los Angeles and the Thunder play the Lakers on Thursday De pe**** changements sont donc a prevoir dans l'alignement, notamment une mutation de Lars Eller au centre, qui a ete effectuee lundi matin et qui s'est poursuivie mardi en vue de la rencontre avec les Panthers Today is all about doing nothing Not for our team, not for this organizations game at the AT&T Center, the perennial Western Conference powers, winners of nine of the last 13 NBA ***les, will face off three times in 10 days I had my career high but we lost the game," said Seraphin, who found out that he was going to start about 30 minutes before the game

Not for our team, not for this organizationDesjardins forced overtime with his second goal in four career playoff games at 14:44, banging in a one-timer from the slot off a feed from Tommy WingelsPierce originally was going to play against the Bobcats but jammed his left toe Sa****ay nightBut Anthony was the only Knick who made the Heat's defense look vulnerable, accounting for almost half of his team's points while hitting nearly 50% of its shots You can almost feel the vibrations from the gl*** when there's a big hit and you see all of the action up close Ramon Sessions may have mitigated some of the age issue at the key point guard position, but unfortunately, the problems go deeper, an hour before game timeI don't know, maybe it was the vowels at the end of our names, a heritage thing, cut from the same types of parents in families loaded with emotion and p***ion and good food 27 Louis reporters this week In his third season, he has surp***ed his previous career high in points by 28, and the Senators still have six games to go He missed 39 moreAdverti*****tafter suffering a partial tendon tear when he landed awkwardly after jumping over the board Dec

The Thunder have won five straight, including impressive victories over the Heat (103-87) and Lakers (102-93) And I think people just took it the wrong way, like if I had a reason not to be here _ or I didn't want to be here Louis'"And I was looking around like," and Gooden makes a face, "you really think we can win a championship with this team?""The next thing I know, it's late June and we're playing against the San Antonio Spurs in the Finals," said Gooden But the rate the Knicks are being inflicted suggests the schedule is a factor They came out and just completely humiliated usEarly in the second period of this game at the Forum, Richard was knocked out in a collision with Bruins forward Leo Labine2 million this season, stands to earn a significant raise, perhaps in the $6 million to $8 million rangeLate Monday night, Bryzgalov had an X-raycom, and Ticketmaster MartinGOLFHILTON HEAD ISLAND, S

Overall, I like our game"Boston tied it 1-1 at 10:54 of the first period on Shawn Thornton's fifth goal son total de buts "I laid my heart out on the table for my teammates and for this game for a long time"The Pacers, currently the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference, have shown they can beat teams above them in the standingsThe team took a step back this year, stumbling out of the gate and losing their first three games on home ice for the first time since 1938"Which is kind of what Jefferson does A 20-footer by Cm The result was a 30-18 lead over the league's most talented team I've been pushing myself harder and harder every dayElliott made several dazzling saves in the third period, including one dramatic leg stop on Lauri Korpikoski 1:15 into the period with the Blues still clinging to a 1-0 lead

He said he suffered an upper-body injury in the March 10 game at Vancouver David Legwand got away with covering the puck with his glove in Nashville That can't happenC now really, just who J"Bottom line, this is why I coach -- I think I'm good at this time of year," Hitch**** told St 1 seeds and bowed out in the playoffs in the past"I just didn't see energy, And for all the national rhetoric claiming OKC can't score easy buckets, the Thunder just demonstrated how easy paint points can come against the team that is supposedly standing in its way of a ***leThe San Jose Sharks and St I know this We gave ourselves a chance to win

Coming off an 8-0 trouncing of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday, March 19, they fall short against the San Jose Sharks 2-1 a few days later Davis had some blood on his fingertips, and as he looked at a fan, Davis extended his right middle finger, put it into his mouth and licked off the blood Ross Perkins, Rusty Patenaude, Ron Walters, Van Fonteyne, Dennis K***ian, Ron Anderson Patrick Marleau may be the team's all-time-leading short-handed scorer Taj Gibson dunked on Ronny Turiaf for a three-point play and scored on a neat spin move after Wade hit a free throw, making it 91-85, sending the Bulls to a dramatic win on a night when their superstar had perhaps his worst game as a proInstead, the Flyers announced on Tuesday that their starting goalie has a chip fracture in his right foot and will not play Thursday in Toronto"Woodson insisted Lin could have returned if necessaryif they make it that far The New York Knicks are one game behind them Cardinals set to open off-season training program with new rulesMost NFL teams, including the Cardinals, open their off-season training program on Monday"It was actually only six minutes in penalties, but it felt like eight"Jackson offered a hint as he exited the locker room to head to San Antonio International Airport

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One of his best seasons came in 1974, when Alzado grabbed 13 sacks along with 80 tacklesIf you watch any type of ESPN, you A very versatile player, Diaz-Granados averaged four ***ists and four rebounds per game and showed her defensive talent with 1"Bull *****: Was the Nuggets loss an aberration or a reason for concern?The 40-11 Bulls still have the best record in the NBA and, more important, the NoBrown lost his job in Cleveland because he didn't always hit it off with LeBron, so I can't see him going out of his way to irritate Kobe unless he's intent on making a career changeDavid West added 19 points, Hill had 17 and Roy Hibbert finished with 11 rebounds, five ***ists and four blocks for Indiana, 6-1 in its last sevenRecalling a famous moment involving Banks, who was also an ordained Baptist minister, Jackson told Love, "I remember he married you at halftime Smith and Steve Novak buried the Celtics in a rollicking, 118-110 victory at the giddy Garden, keeping the Knicks' slim division ***le hopes alive for at least another couple of daysThe Heat have been held under 100 points in 11 of their last 13 games, and that's not even the most staggering statVeteran Spurs aren't surprised by Popovich's lineup tinkering"Thornton knows his role could make all the difference in a lifeBurns then gave San Jose the 2-1 lead with 2:32 left in the period when he beat Smith with a wrist shot from between the top of the circles

After DeRozan scored with 5We took a step back Griffin made both shots, but the second was disallowed when Jordan committed a lane violation, leaving the game tied at 66 going into the fourth''If the Oilers making the pick at the draft in Pittsburgh on June 22, they will be only the second franchise to make three consecutive NoNone of the Magic players said they'd heard an update of Howard's status afterwards, but said it didn't effect what they needed to do over their final seven games PenguinsRecord: 46-22-6Remaining: 896 3''The Bulls trailed 84-77 midway through the fourth quarter before CJ"They're so awesome; we've got the best bench in the league," said Carlos Boozer, who scored 20 points on 8-for-13 shooting and grabbed nine reboundsEach game in this series has somehow been wilder than the lastLos Angeles: Jonathan Quick- 1Karlsson's defensive game is legit enough that it puts his all-around game at a Norris level when combined with his immense offensive output

Krejci missed, then Matt Hendricks faked Thomas out so badly that the reigning Vezina Trophy-winner fell on his behindHowever, Philadelphia had a chance to take advantage of Orlando when it was really down in the dumps a while agoThe top-seeded New York Rangers may also be vulnerable against the No"They were from key players that got on the board offensively, which is important," McLellan said, including the two ***ists Thornton got on the final two catch-up goalsfensive5 ***ists per game, Kevin Garnett- 8"The vision behind player development is really focusing on helping players enter the NFL and exit the NFL successfully," he said''It's just execution New York will host the No ''Tonight we were able to make some shots from the floor and then come back down and get some big stops And I'm starting to get that feeling here

Cunneyworth said"Leading up to the NFL Scouting Combine, rumors ran rampant that the 6-3 Jeffery was significantly out of shape Mike Richards had three points to lead the KingsCan the 76ers catch the Magic or Hawks? It is certainly possible because Orlando is reeling I talk to him pretty much every single day, though He is on antibiotics and considered day-to-day Even if Stoudemire doesn't rebound in the numbers Chandler does, he is a force, a presence to be reckoned with''New Jersey is a dismal 9-20 at home, but improved to 13-18 on the road with a 95-89 victory at Philadelphia on Friday However, there is no digital evidence that anyone predicted head coach Peter Laviolette's team would outmatch Dan Bylsma's squad by such a wide marginDwyane Wade added 24 points for the Heat, who posed for a photo earlier in the day wearing team-logo hoodiesTo determine the worst shooters over the past ten years (2003-2012), I ****yzed players who attempted an average of at least 5 shots per game over a standard 82-game NBA schedule for a 10-years span, or a total of 4,100 shot attempts (5 shots x 82 games x 10 years)

But it came down to a shootout Matthews, S ''We're short-handed right now Whitney's p*** just barely slipped under Dan Boyle's stick, and Vrbata fired home a shot past a stretching Niemi for his 32nd goal of the season "If you hit it right here, right straight on, that's about an eight''I guess if you're in the lottery and you come here you might as well win it,'' Tambellini said They had the lead on the game's first shot, thanks to Vlasic's mistake The Devils staked him a 3-0 lead in the opening 6:16, and he could not hold it The thing about a hand injury is you're able to condition"The Sharks obviously need these points," Selanne said Express is a temp agency that has offices all over the United States and Canada "Tyler's shot found a little bit of puck luck

"I'm trying to rush back as quickly as possible," Rose said C'est ce qu'on espere que nos jeunes auront appris cette annee, comment etre de meilleurs joueurs dans la LNH"Bouchard was not the jocular sort in the company of those he knew casually I love the team"Boozer may leave something to be desired on the defensive end, but his defensive rebound will be vital in the playoffs "He's a fierce compe***orPaul Pierce added 21 points and eight rebounds and Rajon Rondo had 11 ***ists and four points for the Celtics (26-22), who swept the four-game season series with Washington I think in that case Straight cash, "We feel very comfortable where we We seemed to be a step behind in a lot of things So every game is going to be a different story

"It was probably the biggest game of the year for us" Thornton said Oshie (19 goals and 35 ***ists in 80 games), followed closely by defenseman Alex Pietrangelo (12 goals and 39 ***ists in 81 games)Anton Stralman had the other goal for the Rangers"The Paul Stastny-centered line was a minus-12, with Stastny and wingers David Jones and Jamie McGinn each a minus-4 (including an empty-net goal)This has been part of the rebuilding strategy Tambellini laid out for fans in the ''City of Champions,'' which has endured three tough seasons with finishes of 30th, 30th and 29th4 rebounds, were beaten 58-44 on the boardsDwyane Wade also shot 4-for-16 in the gamePouliot broke the tie even though teammate Chris Kelly was in the crease But (Austin) loved it In this part of the hockey world we like our scorers to do it the way Espo and Cam did

mThe news didnNOTES: With Louisville and Kentucky set to meet in the Final Four on Sa****ay, Magic F Earl Cark, a former Cardinals standout, said he has full confidence in his underdog alma mater Ramon Sessions may have mitigated some of the age issue at the key point guard position, but unfortunately, the problems go deeperAfter taking over the Penguins reigns late in the 2008-09 season, Bylsma led his team to a seven-game Stanley Cup series victory over the Detroit Red Wings So just an Nelson seemed healthy early in the game Last year, the Heat finished off the Celtics in five games in the second round Bergeron won 20 of 25 faceoffs But they'll still have RinneWith a few Quebec nationalist groups protesting the move, Gauthier apologized, ***uring fans and the media that the team would hire a French-speaking coach next seasonYou know Shanahan also considers whether there was an injury

Yes, I do think that it was reckless, and if the league truly wants players to cut that stuff out, he should expect a Brendan Shanahan phone call, but I personally have no reason to believe one will happen for sureRay Rice's expected absence next week shouldn't be alarmingThe Ravens will start their offseason workout program Monday and, as usual, the bigger story will probably be who isn't there, rather than who is They finished the period, 17-5, en route to a 37-25 lead for the gameNOTES: The Knicks have won the last eight meetings at Madison Square Garden And it has a lot to do with bad luck and certainly age But the Knicks are clearly closer to the Celtics' level, although the standings still don't reflect it"I'm not a guy that racks up the points," Winnik saidC and not easy minutes, hard minutes So we just try to prevent it a little bitTo win the Atlantic, New York would have to be perfect while Boston lost all but one game the rest of the way The game is still fast paced and there are still rules that need to be explained, but in the midst of all the excitement going on around you, all is forgotten -- or ignored at least (AP) Sitting on the bench in the second period after his shortest stint ever in a playoff game, New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur never worried whether coach Pete DeBoer would turn to him again in Game 4 against the Florida Panthers

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